Bedtime Story Telling - A Collection for Parents

Bedtime Story Telling - A Collection for Parents
Author: Beatrys Lockie
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Stories suitable for children from three to seven years. Many are old favourites regularly told in Kindergartens, nurseries and schools – tales about magical creatures, exotic animals and more.

What is so special about telling stories? Unlike when reading from a book, you have your arms free to make gestures, use props – or give a tickle. Above all you have eye contact, so you can see and respond to your child's reactions. This collection of classic tales includes advice on how to tell stories to children: how to establish a routine and create a mood; how to involve children and personalise your stories.
Many people say that they cannot tell stories, but Beatrys Lockie is a firm believer that everyone can; it just takes a little practice. 

Beatrys Lockie was born in Holland in 1927 and began to tell stories at an early age to anyone who would listen. She was a class teacher at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School, where stories form an integral part of teaching in the early years. She now lives in the Scottish borders.

Book Details
ISBN 9780863157363
Sub-Title A Collection for Parents
Format Paperback
Pages 144
Publisher Floris Books

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