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How Much Does It Cost To Get Published?


We generally charge USD300.00 (ZAR4000.00) to make and distribute an e-book (50% royalties) and a further USD300.00 to set up a printed book (10% royallties). There is a requirement to order a minimum of 20 books. We offer a discount of 40% off retail so that the author may also gain an income stream and recover thei rinvestment.
This arrangement is primarily for debut authors because their book is unproven. We encourage authors to write more than one book and in this case a more lenient approach is adopted since they now have a proven record with us. After this first small print run we keep the book in stock - depending on the orders we receive. Usually between 100 - 500 copies in SA.

  • E-books should be cheaper because there is no cost involved, right?

Publishing a new book costs a lot of money before it is even in print. The design style, the layout, the typesetting, the book cover, a poster, and conversion to the ebook edition all takes time and skilled labour; and that means salaries. The only saving on an e-book is the cost of printing. The cost of printing has been transferred to the initial cost of the device.


Twice a year we send out a sales report in January for the period July to December of the previous year and in July for the period January to June.

Income opportunities for the author

The writers we love to meet are individuals that have found their soul purpose. This will give them a passion for their work. Added to that, every Kima Global author can buy their own book, and other Kima Global titles at wholesale cost. That will give the Author an opportunity to make money on their own sales, and on other Kima titles. Some authors sell their own and other Kima titles on their website. Authors that give workshops can always sell their own book, or include their book in the price of the workshops they give.

Having published a book does not make one rich, but it give the author credibility, like a degree does. We aim for authors that want to make a difference, and money comes second.


A lot of hard work.

Read the questions below. If you can say yes to them all, we would love to hear from you. If not, then you have been made aware that getting published entails more than writing a book. The moment your book is in print, your work has just began. Your book is like a university degree. Now you have to put your learning into practice and we as your publisher will support you all the way.

  • Do you have your own website?

Every author ought to have their own website in order to promote their work and their book. Additionally we encourage them to sign up for our own social network site especially for Kima Global authors.

  • Do you write a monthly newsletter, or do you have an active blog?

It is important for an author to have developed a database of their own so that we can have at least a reasonable chance of getting exposure for the book. This will take the edge off the investment risk that we as publishers incur. At the same time the author can make a start in promoting their new title even before it goes into print. We do ask our authors to pass us their database, but we only make use of it if the author or their book is mentioned, or the author will be making an appearance on one of our exhibits. In other words we do not abuse the trust of those who have signed up. These people are welcome to sign up for the Kima Global newsletter as well.


  • DO you know about marketing?

A successful author must be able to sell their book. That's after all why they are called "best selling author." If new authors feel they do not have any selling skills, this can make or break the sucsess of a new title. They need to take some advice from sales people. Every book on the global bestselers list, no matter what the content, has had a large marketing budget. The big publishing houses spend a great deal of capital on marketing. Some authors themselves do as well. If we feel that the author does not have marketing skills, it will mean that the book will take a longer time to get known and is likely to be returned by the bookshops and thus lose the impetus of bookshelf exposure.

Our backlist titles do still have inspiring content, but they are often slow sellers, for many reasons. This is often to do with how much effort has been spent on the initial marketing of the book.


  • Are you on Facebook... Twitter... MySpace... to name a few networking sites?

The first thing we do, when we like a manuscript, is to see if they have a website and if they are on Facebook. That gives us an indication of how active the writer really is. Again if this is not the case, we strongly advise the new author to sign up for Facebook, Twitter, etc., and like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Are you applying what you have written about?

Its our experience that every author writes about the topics that they need to learn to master themselves, so it is important for all parties for authors to continue to follow the passion they had to write the book in the first place.


  • Are you writing another book, or planning to?

If you had the passion and commitment to write a book in the first place it would be a good idea to continue on the path that gave you joy by writing another book. If your first book has been successful we encourage you to come back to us for the second one.



The short answer is yes but probably not much on just one book. Some new authors are so enthuastic about their new child (book) that they see stars in the eyes. We had one new author who wanted to know when they could book a world boat cruise with the money from their book sales. We thought at the time that this author was joking. How wrong we were.

What the new author will find however, is that their credibility rating rises dramatically. Sign ups for courses will improve, media opportunities will manifest etc. In other words there are invisible benefits to having a published book.

Every new author must ask themselves the following: did your College or University degree secure you an income? NO. The same applies to a book. It all depends on the subject of the book and how good a sales and marketing person the author is. What you put in you will get out. If an author keeps writing more books, eventually they will get known. If the author's book is very original in every way, we might be able to sell the language rights to overseas publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair,or during the course of the year. That will mean that the author can earn more royalties on one book.


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