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No Problem - The Upside of Saying NO (E-book)
If you have a resistance to saying “No” to requests for your time and your diary is crammed full ..
Shining Life e-book
Shining Life is for every woman with a keen desire to lose weight and embrace her lighter side.&n..
Soul Quilt e-book
Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Have you longed to know more about yourse..
The Art of Language ebook
The Art of Language is about that internal language that goes on in your head as well as the conv..
The Awakening Clan - Ingrid's Journal - What We Can Imagine, We Can Make Real (E-book)
Ingrid Barendse lives a normal life, working as a maintenance administrator in Holland. Unknown t..
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The Hybrid Angels from Eden
In this book the author takes the reader on a journey through Spiritualism in which she reveals a..
The Longing of my Soul (E-book)
This entertaining book tells the story of courageous solitary personal journeys to practically ev..
The Self-employed Housewife (e-book)
This story is about an immigrant from Holland to South Africa in the 70s, is about the relationsh..
The Wounded Daughters of Africa (E-book)
A powerful story of self-discovery, healing and transformation. A woman discovers a deeper meanin..
Twin Souls (eBook)
This is the story of two twin souls who combined by choice at the beginning of time, choosing the..
Vortex Theory ebook
Thousands of years ago in ancient India, Yogis probed the atom with supernormal powers called sid..
Weaving the Web - Beyond the Light (E-book)
Weaving the Web is about those beings who have attached themselves to you and have used you as wo..
When Love Guides Your Thoughts (E-book)
This book addresses, fundamentally, the challenges facing the world. It reveals in the most eleme..
Woman Now is the Time
In a world that is out of its mind, you have to be out of your mind to navigate and live in it. B..
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The 3D View - Living Your Successful Life Story (E-book)
Exqusitely written stories about the qualities that wild animals have that we as humans do not. T..
Based on 5 reviews.
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