Tears of the Earth - Messages from the Animals of the Earth (E-book)

Tears of the Earth - Messages from the Animals of the Earth (E-book)
Author: Roar Sheppard
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Today earth is in a dire state. It is a fact that all life on Earth knows already. It is only humankind who seems to be oblivious...

They are saying:
The current global crisis must be brought to the attention of humans. We don't fear the sacrifice required of us.

Roar Sheppard was born in 1972. He is American and has been residing in Korea for about 15 years. While staying in Korea, he has studied Korean traditional culture and language. He was interested in the secret of the Universe and searched for it through meditation. Meditation and the breathing training have been his daily routine for 8 years and through the deep silence of his training he began to hear the pains of plants, expressed through their wavelengths. Over time he felt he could communicate with various beings in nature then suddenly came to converse with Marlin, the cosmic being of Pleiades.

Book Details
ISBN 9781920535100
Sub-Title Messages from the Animals of the Earth
Format E-book (epub)
Pages 64
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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