Stress Slaves - How Stress Imprisons You, How to Break Free (E-book)

Stress Slaves - How Stress Imprisons You, How to Break Free (E-book)
Author: Pamina Mullins
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The book covers the emotional triggers for stress and how it works out into physical symptoms, some of which are obvious and many less so. A comprehensive array of techniques to deal with stress is offered, all of them tried and tested in practice over many years. Stress is a huge issue these days and has become a major source of difficulties in both, work and family life.
Pamina explores with irrepressible humour the countless ways in which we abuse our psycho-physiology buying into stress slavery and explains with logic and compassion how to stop pawning your personal power, plug the energy leaks, divorce extreme expectations, shed historical baggage and reclaim your birthright of healthy, happy self centred living.
Stress Slaves takes you on a light hearted journey to discover that we are not born into stress slavery; we imprison ourselves through living unconsciously!

About the Author

Pamina MullinsPamina Mullins is a corporate and personal stress management consultant, trained in the United Kingdom, and today practices in Harare, Zimbabwe, where stress management is an essential survival tool. She has walked every step of her talk, work stress, relationship stress, family stress, single parenthood, divorce, bereavement and financial stress. She works with CEOs and secretaries, human resources trainers and housewives, board members and bankers, messengers and marketing executives. Each one motivated by recognition and appreciation. Each one becoming a stress statistic when attempting to live up to expectations they feel are beyond their control.


Book Details
ISBN 9780980256147
Sub-Title How Stress Imprisons You, How to Break Free
Format E-book (pdf)
Pages 300
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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