Sungrass - A Legendary Plant Rumored To Provide Eternal Life (E-book)

Sungrass - A Legendary Plant Rumored To Provide Eternal Life (E-book)
Author: Kongyin
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The right of passage adventures of twin sisters Shanti and Sumati in a strange land, with no modern life. They journey to find the miraculous Sun Grass plant which can grant immortality to those who taste it.
Recently orphaned for the second time, the girls set out on a cross country journey, each with their own agenda, Shanti, the philosophical sister, is searching for inspiration for her writing; Sumati, fascinated by herbs, is searching for a legendary plant known as Sun Grass, which is rumoured to provide eternal life.
After many adventures and accepting help from various people on the way including a wise hermit and a farming family, they eventually find the Sungrass plant.

About the Author

Kongyin is a Chinese Canadian author, teacher and freelance writer for numerous magazines in China. Her story, Snow on the Rocky Mountains, published by Readers (October 1995) and reprinted by seventeen other Chinese magazines, was later adapted into a TV show and aired in China. Her short story,Dance With A Bear, was published by Zhiyin Magazine and voted by readers as their choice for the most touching story. Kongyin speaks numerous languages and was invited to visit Japan by the Japan Foundation.  
Other books by Kongyin, Gooby and the dreamwalker (an adventure story for girls).

Book Details
ISBN 9780986985850
Format E-book (epub)
Pages 250
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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