Gooby and the Dream-Walker

Gooby and the Dream-Walker
Author: Kongyin
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A mysterious Dream-Walker and his companion, the poetry goblin Gooby, share their stories of travelling through their dreams with a woman named Claire and help her understand what she really needs from life.

Can a dream be more than a dream? Claire Duncan lives a difficult life. Teacher of a disruptive seventh-grade class, divorced from her husband and mother to a handicapped child, she struggles to find time for herself and her family. But one day she receives and e-mail from someone referring to himself only as The Dream-Walker, and as he tells her the stories of his travels, shared with the poetry goblin Gooby, Claire starts to discover that the world of dreams offers a lot more comfort and adventure than she could ever have thought possible.

About the Author

Kongyin is a Chinese Canadian author, teacher and freelance writer for numerous magazines in China. Her story, Snow on the Rocky Mountains, published by Readers (October 1995) and reprinted by seventeen other Chinese magazines, was later adapted into a TV show and aired in China. Her short story,Dance With A Bear, was published by Zhiyin Magazine and voted by readers as their choice for the most touching story. Kongyin speaks numerous languages and was invited to visit Japan by the Japan Foundation.  Other books by Kongyin, Sungrass (an adventure story for girls) Kima Global April 2011.

Book Details
ISBN 9780986985843
Format Paperback
Pages 250
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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