The Wounded Daughters of Africa (E-book)

The Wounded Daughters of Africa (E-book)
Author: Iris Canham-Gezane
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A powerful story of self-discovery, healing and transformation. A woman discovers a deeper meaning of who she is, her purpose and soul mission through an ancient African philosophy that suggests life is interconnected.The bonus section of the book offers deep introspection of personal transformation. One truth rings throughout, that we must be the change we want to see in the world.

About the author

Iris Canham-GezaneIris Canham-Gezane studied Resource Development and Production and Human Behaviour. Her family has run a Traditional Healing Practice for over three decades which has given her the incredible wisdom combined with her formal education on individual, group consciousness and behaviour. She is a Transformation Catalyst for Personal, Organisational and Social Change conducting personal development workshops and advising business on igniting potential to align with strategies and for personal, organisational and societal transformation.

Book Details
Format Epub
Pages 216
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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