Touching Animal Souls - Life Lessons from the Animal World (E-book)

Touching Animal Souls - Life Lessons from the Animal World (E-book)
Author: Gabrielle Harris
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We can learn many qualities by interacting with the animals in our world. Includes amazing stories about animal communication and the touching gifts that they bring to our world.
Animals are a part of our lives, even if we personally don't have a pet. This book would be ideal for anyone who is involved with animals; from owners of puppy schools, equestrians, to professional animal wranglers and trainers.
The stories alone make this book a worthwhile buy because they are full of humour and insights into animal behaviour and how it influences our lives.
This is a Fun book for young adults as well.

About the Author
With a father who practised as a veterinarian, Gabrielle has been surrounded by animals all her life. She has had a twenty year career as a specialist animal trainer. This has involved many species including seals, dolphins, sea lions, horses, dogs, pigs and even zoo animals like rhinoceros and great apes. She is currently employed at Ushaka Marine World, Durban as head animal trainer.

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Book Details
ISBN 9780986985836
Sub-Title Life Lessons from the Animal World
Format epub
Pages 274
Publisher Kima Global Publishers

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