Coping with a Dying Pet - ebook

Coping with a Dying Pet - ebook
Author: Liesel Teversham
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“For anyone who has loved and lost their companion friend then this beautifully written book of Liesel’s, sings from the heart and the soul. As I read the incredibly poignant story of Liesel´s relationship with Jack unfold, I experienced tears but amongst the tears so much joy, compassion and mostly the deep sense of love that only pet owners experience when their companion may be ready to leave them. This book will make an impression on you for life as Liesel shares her own roller coaster of emotions with little Jack and how she coped with them. I was privileged and honoured to work with little Jack in his later stages of life and his sense of fun, love and connection with Liesel will remain with me forever. Animals are I believe our biggest teachers and little Jack was too busy living his life and even through his illness he showed a sense of normality and strength we would all benefit from. God bless little Jack and thank you Liesel for sharing so much of you and your little one.” (Marie E Holliday - AAMET Master Trainer of Trainers).


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